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Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales

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Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm

Suggested From: Me

Rating (out of 5): 4

Genre: Fairy Tales

I remember when I was a teenager and the internet was brand new and I discovered that the fairy tales I knew about from Disney movies were not the true fairy tales as they were told. I scoured the then sparse internet for the true fairy tales and found only a few. I have since then wanted desperately to be able to read all of the Grimm Brothers fairy tales. – So on Black Friday when out shopping with my mother, I was beyond belief excited when I spotted this large 600 golden lined page hardback book, containing the complete collection of the Grimm Brothers fairy tales.

Many people don’t know that fairy tales were not originally beautiful with happy endings. In all reality fairy tales were used to teach lessons to children, and for the most part those lessons were not all butterflies and princesses. While for the most part there were always kings, queens, princes and princesses involved; this was due to be comprised in an age where those were common and the best possible “reward” for good behavior was to be royalty.

The book starts with a forward introduction to the Grimm Brothers and fairy tales themselves. You learn that the origins of almost all fairy tales are unlinkable due to having been passed down through the ages only verbally for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years. The Grimm brothers loved fairy tales and were some of the first to document these fairy tales and distribute them to the masses. Interestingly enough some fairy tales as written by the Grimm Brothers were previously recorded before them by other authors. The Grimm Brother’s versions of these tales are a bit more…. gruesome, but the Grimm Brothers believed that those fairy tales that they re-wrote had been watered down by society and wanted to return them to the form which they believed they had first been told in.

Reading through the fairy tales bring back so many memories from childhood, learning about and seeing these fairy tales in movies and on TV. It’s just that….I don’t remember as many people being tortured and killed. Of course, nowadays it would be completely unacceptable to tell your child a tale about how children who don’t remember to make their beds are left out in the woods for the wolves to eat them or for strangers to capture them and torture them, while back in the time these were written, a threat like that would be quickly obeyed.

This is a wonderful book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading, and purchased for multiple of my friends who I knew would also love to read. The book is comprised of 201 Fairy Tales and 10 Children’s Legends. It’s over 600 pages long and took me quite a long time to get through. Considering that I’ve been working long long hours recently, it was nice to have this to read throughout that as I could finish a couple fairy tales a night, and didn’t have to feel like I was forgetting the plot line to a book due to not being able to read as much. If you loved fairy tales growing up, or ever wanted to know their true source and how they truly were, this is a definite must read.

Favorite Excerpts/Lines

– Before long they came to a cat, sitting on the path, with a face like three rainy days!

– But Snow White was growing up, and grew more and more beautiful; and when she was seven years old she was as beautiful as the day, and more beautiful than the Queen herself.

– “Is that all?” said the fox. “I am master of a hundred arts, and also have a sackful of cunning. You make me sorry for you; come with me, I will teach you how people get away from the hounds.”
Just then came a hunter with four dogs. The cat sprang nimbly up a tree, and sat down on top of it, where the branches and foliage quite concealed her. “Open your sack of cunning, Mr. Fox, open your sack,” cried the cat to him, but the dogs had already seized him, and were holding him fast.

– “Heart alive! What can one desire more?” said the servant to himself, and went merrily onwards.

– “Heaven defend us!” cried the Jew, “his lies are as thick as flies upon the wall.”

– In the evening, when the sun had turned into gold, Hans finished his boat, and all that was wanted for it.

– The larger birds held out longer, but none could equal the eagle, who mounted so high that he could have picked the eyes out of the sun.

– The room was perfectly clean, as if the little mist men, who carry no dust on their feet, lived there.

– The giant was so terribly alarmed that he could not close an eye all night long for thinking what would be the best way to get rid of this accursed sorcerer of a servant. Time brings counsel.

– Just as she was about to fall on the maiden and take her away, the youth seized the old woman with both his hands, raised her up on high, and threw her into the jaws of the fire, which closed over her as if it were delighted that an old witch was to be burned.


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